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Title Examination

Title Examination

Original Drilling and Supplemental Title Opinions

Our firm focuses primarily on Oil and Gas Title Examination, rendering Original Drilling Title Opinions to provide marketable title, if not better.  We also perform associated transactional, administrative, and many types of non-title related oil and gas services for our clients.  We have over 25 years of experience specific to horizontal/directional drilling.  Our Opinions specifically address Horizontal Drilling Issues, Ownership insofar as it applies to Landowners and also Rivers and Roads, and gaps in chain of title are also addressed.  Nonparticipating Royalty Interest and other Nonexecutive Mineral Interests are also reported and discussed in our Opinions should they exist in the title covering the lands upon which the Opinion is being rendered to address.

Division Order Title Opinions

MLW renders Division Order Title Opinions customized to the specific request of each Operator with regard to both form and content, including specifically tailored Division Order Title Opinion comments and requirements addressing issues associated with vertical drilling operations and/or horizontal drilling operations, and custom excel documents (spreadsheets) reporting the division of interest.  These Division of Interest spreadsheets are specially formatted for the Division Order Analyst and can typically be converted straight into JIB accounts and revenue pay-decks.

Title Status Letters

Title Status Letters are tract based curative reports which identify curative updates, title discrepancies, outstanding or unsatisfied requirements and potential title defects which may have been overlooked by prior examiners or may have developed subsequent to the closing date of an Opinion.  Many of our clients request Title Status Letters in order to efficiently manage the curative process in regard to time management and cost accounting on a tract by tract basis.  Title Status Letters are particularly helpful for both the Operators and the Title Examiners in the development of Units which may contain numberious mineral and/or leasehold tracts.

Pooling Letters

Our Pooling Letters are a unique analysis of the pooling provisions and pooling restrictions which may be contained in the numerous leases pooled in a Unit.  Specifically, Pooling Letters address the pooling provisions contained in each lease with the formation of your Unit based on the size of the unit, length of diagonal, length of lateral, Rule 37 offsets and Rule 86 pooling provisions.  After each Lease is analyzed, the examiner reports any issues with the pooling provisions of the Lease, including any pooling restrictions attributable to a specific Lease, and provides an outline of the necessary amendments, consents and/or ratifications to the leases or Unit which may be necessary in order to form your Unit in compliance with each Lease.

Due Diligence

The attorneys at MLW are skilled in the Due Diligence process required in both acquisition and divestiture transactions.  Our firm represents both buyers and sellers in the interpretation and drafting of Purchase and Sale Agreements, Joint Operating Agreements and other transactional agreements along with virtual data room management.  Our firm has provided Due Diligence analysis and reports for numerous acquisitions and divestitures in the State of Texas and the surrounding states.

Customized Reports/Spreadsheets

MLW offers up-to-date information at a moments notice for our clients.  We generate general and specific reports regarding statuses of projects, priorities in-sync with drilling schedules and budget reports for accounting purposes.


The firm’s project management team provides customized plats in conjunction with Title Opinions for our clients.  We can generate single tract plats up to larger “area” plats, which are convenient in locating tracts, units and prospects.  Our firm is proud to provide custom plats for our clients.