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Our experience in Texas oil and gas law is extensive, spanning decades and covering every producing area in the State, including the Eagle Ford Shale, Barnett Shale, Haynesville Shale, Granite Wash, and many other formations and trends in East Texas, the Gulf Coast, South Texas, West Texas, the Permian Basin and Texas Panhandle.

Our experience equips our attorneys with the confidence necessary to address tough issues many title firms will not or hesitate to address.   

Horizontal Drilling

Advances in technology have substantially changed the drilling landscape in Texas.  Horizontal drilling methods targeted to increase production require unique and specialized experience when examining title and rendering an opinion.  At MLW, we have developed organizational techniques, tweaked specifically to handle the challenges of horizontal drilling.  Each of our attorneys is equipped with the skills necessary to understand the legal nuances surrounding rivers, streams and roads that operators often face when drilling in Texas.