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Legal Services

Legal Services

Oil & Gas Litigation

MLW has experience litigating many issues related to the energy industry.  These involve Lease disputes, including termination; disputes with mineral and royalty owners and working interest owners and oil field service providers; breach of contract, fraud and negligence.  Whether it is a trial, settlement, arbitration or mediation, we can work to get your issues resolved. 


MLW has successfully represented clients in several counties in appointing Receivers for mineral interests pursuant to §64.091 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code and obtaining Oil and Gas Leases from the Receiver in order to facilitate the exploration and development of the minerals under the client’s proposed prospect.  In addition, MLW has successfully appointed Receivers for royalty interests pursuant to § 64.093 of the Texas Civil Practice Remedies Code and obtained Ratifications of the executive’s Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease to allow for the pooling of the nonparticipating or nonexecutive mineral interest owner's interest.  If your interest has been put into a receivership under Chapter 64 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, MLW can successfully represent you in removing your interest from a Receivership and have funds currently in the Depository of the Court distributed to you.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you are in the process of acquiring or disposing of producing or non-producing oil, gas and minerals properties, MLW can assist in the preparation and completion of all necessary agreements, including but not limited to Joint Ventures, Farm-Out and/or Farm-In Agreements, Master Service, Assignments and Purchase and Sale Agreements.  In addition, MLW can assist in the valuation of the properties being disposed of or acquired by identifying any ownership (i.e., record title and/or contractual title) issues and regulatory issues.


MLW can assist lenders and prove-up marketable title by identifying any ownership (i.e., record title and/or contractual title) issues and regulatory issues which may affect a borrower’s interest.

Expert Opinions

MLW can prepare Expert Legal Opinions offering expert opinions on oil and gas leases, fractional ownership, conveyancing and title, in support of litigation from trial through appeals, for companies, attorneys and for Courts as Special Masters.  

Saltwater Disposal

MLW provides several attorneys well educated in the development and operation of saltwater disposal wells and facilities.  Our attorneys draft and negotiate the terms of saltwater disposal leases and agreements and aid in the well permitting process with the Railroad Commission of Texas for new-drill wells and re-entry wells in both producing and nonproducing formations.

GLO and RRC Compliance and Leasing

Our staff is prepared to guide you through all compliance and enforcement issues which might arise when working with the General Land Office of Texas or Railroad Commission of Texas, including leasing, permitting and pooling agreements which may be necessary when operating on State owned rivers and roads.